Satron offers superior innovative measurement technology for water and wastewater treatment plants based on many years of experience and know-how. Satron solutions help reduce operating and maintenance costs while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our reliable solutions offer online solids measurement and controls to improve the plant processes. Satron combines reliable measurements with industry-experienced consulting and expert services. Our professionals and representatives work close to customers around the world, having a high service availability.

Satron VOF Optical Sensor

The Satron VOF sensor works according the absorption principle with the use of LED technology. This sensor is removable from…

Turbidity & Concentration
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Pistor 75

The pneumatic PISTOR power cylinder can be used as an actuator in manual and automatic control of control valves and…

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PASVE® Dual Mounting & Service valve

PASVE® DUAL is mounting and service valve for two pH sensors of diameter 12 mm. It can be used with…

PASVE® Mounting Valves
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VG Pressure Transmitter

Satron VG is part of the V transmitter series with both analog and smart properties. In pressure measurements the VG…

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