Hygienic processing is key in the Food and Drink business.
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Whatever the liquid: milk, juice, beer, soup, water, we can see what is going on inside your process.

In dairy, brewing, beverage and other liquid food processes the difference between product and what needs to go to waste is often difficult to spot. So much so that often product is deliberately sent to waste simply because it is hard to measure the difference.  In too many processes – for lack of proof and for safety’s sake – good product goes down the drain.

3A and EHEDG certified Hygienic real time measurements of interfaces, leakage, concentration, clarity, COD/BOD needs in process like CIP/SIP, evaporation, distillation, filtration, dispersion, cooking are our specialty.

Satron can help you apply state its of the art measurement technology to your process to minimize waste, improve efficiency, add quality and value to make money. With hundreds of thousands of optical and pressure sensors installed in industrial process plants around the world and our focus on food production processes we have the experience and expertise to apply our knowledge to your needs.

VG Pressure Transmitter

Satron VG is part of the V transmitter series with both analog and smart properties. In pressure measurements the VG…

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