Satron Instruments Inc. develops, designs and manufactures innovative process instruments and smart measurement devices.

From our product range you can find tools to measure pressure, differential pressure, turbidity, consistency, temperature, density and level. We offer also the best assembly solutions for various applications. Our products are a combination of latest technology and knowledge of decades. We improve our products to meet customer’s requirements.

Satron Instruments Inc. continues the 75 year’s Valmet instrument development in Tampere.

From Valmet to Satron

Excellent measurement devices with great experience!

The history of Satron Instrument Inc. has started already on 1920’s when the aircraft factory in Santahamina was established a department for instrument repairing. In 1940’s the department was moved to Tampere and it became Valmet Instrument Works. From the year 1998 business has continued as Satron Instruments Inc.

Since year 2003 we have been 100% finnish company. We are flexible to meet customers requirements. We can improve and develope our products to meet the customer requirements. This is possible because of our own R&D department.

Our new premises are still at Tampere. Our products are in use over 60 countries all over the world in pulp and paper industry, food industry and in chemical engineer industry.

Satron continues the history of Valmet Instrument Works!

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