In the food & beverage industries, hygienic processing is the key. We provide industry-leading tools for process control of liquid and semi-liquid food products. Our offerings include precise optical, pressure and permeation measurements, measuring of the outlet of reverse osmosis, and phase transition turbidity sensors with turbidity measurement. Hundreds of thousands of our sensors have been installed and used by key industry players globally – and for a good reason. With this equipment customers can reduce losses of products and utilities, which increases efficiency and enhances quality. Our products are manufactured in Finland, and all are 3A and EHEDG certified.

Some of our key applications:

  • Interface monitoring between 2 products
  • Detection of product losses in effluent/COD monitoring
  • Leakage monitoring and early detection of water in products
  • Carry-over detection in heat exchangers and evaporators
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) optimization

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