VG Pressure Transmitter

Satron VG is part of the V transmitter series with both analog and smart properties. In pressure measurements the VG can be used for measuring the pressure of clean, sedimenting, crystallizing and sticking materials.

Satron VG is used for 0-1.4 kPa…0-25 MPa ranges. The transmitter communicates in a 2-wire system. The transmitter’s sensor is piezoresistive. The rangeability is 25:1. The transmitter communicates digitally using the HART® protocol. Satron VG transmitter is suitable to use with PASVE® mounting valve.

Measuring Range: -0,1…+25 MPa
Adjustability: 0-1,4 kPa…0-25 MPa
Applicability: Clean, sedimenting, crystallizing and sticking materials