Satron VG pressure transmitters are our most widely used transmitters for measuring the pressure of clean gases, steam, and non-crystallizing liquids. VG is compatible with the PASVE® mounting and service valve for easy access to the sensor even during process cycles. Transmitter is flush mounted that means that with Satron couplings or PASVE® the possibility of clogging is minimized.

– Accuracy from: ±0.05%
– Pressure ranges 0-4 kPa…0-25 MPa
– Robust, service free design
– Modular structure for easy customization
– Measurement diaphragm:
¤ Welded for accurate and leak tight sealing
¤ Wide range of materials and coatings
¤ Thickness from 25 µm to 0.12 mm
– Calibration, temperature compensation and tuning of each individual sensor

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